1. What is stained glass? How is it different from painted glass?

Stained glass is coloured glass. It is stained with metal oxides in the process of glass manufacture – it is a hot glass process that permanently colours the glass. It does not fade over time even with exposure to sunlight. Additionally, glass may be stained with metal oxides for detailing portraits and landscapes/seascapes. It is then fired in a kiln at 550 to 650 degrees centigrade to enable the metal oxides to permanently fuse onto the glass. A stained glass panel or lampshade may be made up of many different pieces of coloured glass. In case of damage to the stained glass it can be repaired/restored by changing the damaged pieces.

Painted glass is painted with colours – it is a cold glass process wherein the colours fade over time with exposure to sunlight. In case of damage, it cannot be restored or repaired since it is a single piece of glass that has been painted.


2. What are the stained glass varieties you stock/use?

As the authorised stained glass retailer for Spectrum Glass Company, we offer upto 200 colours and textures in a range of transparent, opalescent, streaky, baroque or fusible glass. We also stock a variety of textured Indian glass.


3. What are the stained glass techniques you use?

The coloured glass sheets are cut into pieces of the required shapes. Portraits and landscapes are further embellished, if required, through a process of staining the glass with metal oxides and then firing it at 550 to 650 degrees centigrade in our studio.

The coloured pieces are fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle using one of 2 techniques. In the copper foil Tiffany technique, a copper foil is affixed around each piece of glass. The foiled pieces are soldered together to form permanent joints creating a stained glass panel.

In the lead came technique, lead came is cut and fitted around the open end of the glass to gradually build up a stained glass panel. The joints are then soldered together.

Alternately, we stick and grout the pieces of glass onto a waterproof material or floor to form mosaic tiles, or directly onto the wall to form murals.

The fused glass products are made with Spectrum's fusible glass range that is artistically fused in our custom-made kiln.


4. What are the services you provide to the customer?

We work closely with you, our customer and the space to develop a suitable design. We assist in the selection of the coloured glass. We advise you on safety features such as the frame for the glass, grill, toughened glass, double glazing. We execute the project at our studio and provide delivery ex-studio. We also undertake stained glass work on a turnkey basis – design, production, packing, transportation, liaising with the frame/grill fabricator and carpenter on site for installation.